Name:  Cam Khe Industrial Park – Phu Tho.
Investor: Ao Vua Joint Stock Company and Duc Anh Construction Company.
Operation :01/2019 – 01/2069.
Location: Sai Nga, Thanh Nga, Son Nga, Xuong Thinh commune, Cam Khe district, Phu Tho Province.

Area: 450ha.
Building destiny (%):60 (%)

  1. Priority investment:

Construction of industrial park infrastructure.The complex of textiles, mechanics, processing of agricultural and forestry products, Production of consumer goods, production of building materials, supporting industries.Mineral processing industry.

Manufacture and assembly of electrical and electronic equipment

Production of consumer goods, food processing, pharmaceuticals.Details of industries eligible for investment incentives are based on Article 16 of the Law on Investment.

  1. Location of the industrial park.

Cam Khe Industrial Park is located in the center of Cam Khe district, Phu Tho province. Convenient traffic system with a traffic route connecting the industrial park with Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway at IC.10 intersection, 0.8km from Cam Khe industrial park.

– To:

Noi Bai International Airport 75 km.

Hai Phong seaport 150 km

Hanoi city center 100 kmLao Cai border gate 250km

III. Infrastructure of the industrial park.

Transportation system:Internal roads: The internal traffic system is completely built and arranged in the industrial park’s premises. The central road of the industrial park is 44.5m wide, the branch roads are 11.5m wide. Along the roads, there are sidewalks of 3-5m wide, where technical corridors such as electricity, water supply and drainage, information and lighting systems and landscape are arranged.Electricity system:

National power lines 35KV and 110KV are near the industrial park.

Water supply system:

The system includes a water supply plant with a capacity of 12,000m3/day and a water supply pipe system from D100mm- D300mm with an average depth of 1.2m pipe laying along the plots of land to ensure water supply to each investor in industrial area.

Drainage system:

Rainwater drainage system and sewerage system are built separately, rainwater is collected through the sewer system and discharged into rivers in the area. The diameter of underground storm drain is D600mm- D1000mm designed according to the principle of self-flow.


– Sewerage system:

Designed capacity of 10,500 m3/day, the treated water will meet the wastewater standard after treatment in column A according to QCVN 24:2009 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Communication systems:

The communication system was built to the foot of the fence of the factories, meeting all kinds of domestic and international communication services directly invested and built by large Telecommunications enterprises.

Service system around the industrial park:The industrial park is 3km away from the center of Cam Khe district, where a district general hospital and other medical facilities are located, near banks, schools, markets, etc., which is convenient for daily-life workers and investors only perform administrative work within the industrial park.IV. Costs and incentives:

– Leasing price:

-Land rent: 40-45 USD/m2/50 years (depending on the location of the land lot).Service fee for management and maintenance: 0.507 USD/m2/year.- Electricity fee in 2021: Normal Hours: 1,555 VND/Kwh (0.067 USD/Kwh) (Monday to Saturday: 4am-9:30pm, 11:30pm and 8pm-22pm / Sunday: 4am – 10pm)Off-peak hours: 1,007 VND/Kwh (0.04 USD/Kwh) (All weekdays from 10 pm to 4 pm)Peak hours: 2,871 VND/Kwh (0.123 USD/Kwh) (Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am; and 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm/ Sunday without peak hours)- Water fee: 9,200 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0.4 USD/m3)- Waste water treatment fee: 6,500 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0.28 USD/m3)- Expenses for phone, internet and other services: according to regulations of service providers.Preferential: Exemption from ENTERPRISE INCOME TAX for the first 2 years; 50% reduction for the next 04 years; pay tax at 17% for the remaining years (for ordinary investment projects).- Exemption from ENTERPRISE INCOME TAX for the first 4 years; 50% reduction for the next 09 years; then only have to pay tax at 10% for the next 10 years (for projects eligible for investment incentives).- Exemption from import tax on equipment, supplies, means of transport and other goods to create fixed assets.- Exemption from import tax for raw materials and accessories imported from abroad to serve the production of export goods.- Exemption from income tax from technology transfer activities for projects eligible for investment incentives.- Enterprises with losses may carry forward their losses to the following year. These losses are deducted from taxable income. The loss transfer period shall not exceed 05 years, counting from the year following the year when the loss is incurred.- Other incentives according to the general regulations of the Government.V . Labor source– The population of Cam Khe district is 128,537, the population of Phu Tho province is 1,370,000, of which 61% are of working age. This is a source of labor that can be fully supplied to enterprises in industrial zones.– According to the latest report of the Management Board of Industrial Parks of Phu Tho province, the population of working age in the province is about 840,000 people.

  • Population of districts near the industrial zone:

+ Thanh Ba district: 109,806 people.+ Yen Lap district: 79,548 people.+ Tam Nong district: 82,370 people.+ Ha Hoa district: 108,556 people.– The system of Universities, Colleges, Intermediate Schools, vocational training around the area is very diverse. Phu Tho province has 2 universities (Hung Vuong University and Viet Tri University of Industry) and 5 vocational colleges. Our services:After many years of working with FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises in the field of real estate, building factories, promoting investment, finding import-export partners. The staff of ATZ and our partner are committed to providing the best service to customers in the following areas:Consulting on land and real estate law.Construction law consulting.Consulting to find import-export partners.Legal services for business license, investment certificate in Vietnam.